We had a group project where we had to invent a product or service which could be a success. The learning goals where most about the research and prototyping. 
At the end of the project we had a substantiated concept and a working prototype. 
The video was made to explain our project and make people enthusiastic about it. For this video I did the story boarding, script writing, the major part of filming and editing. 

Gloom is a game people with nyctophobia can play to overcome their fears. Nyctophobia is having a (extreme) fear for the dark/dark places. We want to help those people. A lot of research has been done on serious games; games with an other goal then just entertainment. With Gloom you enter a Virtual Reality where you can face and overcome your fears with the guidance of an expert. 

If you want to learn more about this project you can visit our temporary Kickstarter page: Kickstart Gloom  or our blog: Gloom Blog
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