In 2018 I did my first internship at Twinsense. Twinsense is an internet- and video production company inEnschede. For half a year I worked on multiple video productions. I mostly wrote scripts, assisted during recordings, filmed and edited.
Below you can see a selection of the video’s on which I worked.
Agion klantendag - Aftermovie
My contribution: filming & editing
Agion organized a customer day where multiple speakers shared knowledge. For this aftermovie I filmed together with a colleague and I edited the video.
De Monnik Dranken - Aftermovie Flying Dutchmen
My contribution: assisting during recordings & editing
At the start of te Amsterdam Cocktail Week, the bar ‘Flying Dutchmen’ organized an event where cocktails where served. Twinsense made an aftermovie for this event. I helped during the recordings, made some shots myself and edited the video.
SWB - Promotional Video
My contribution: assiting during recordings & editing
Twinsense makes videos for SWB on a regular basis. These videos show the work of different employees. For this video I assisted during the recordings and I edited the video.
Heisterkamp - Online Training
My contribution: script, assisting during recording, editing, subtitles
Heisterkamp Transport Solutions needed an online training module for future truck drivers. Twinsens produced fifty videos which explain everything they need to know before starting their work. I helped writing the script, assisted during recordings, edited part of the videos and added subtitles.
Solar Team Twente - Promotional Video
My contribution: editing
Twinsense made a documentary about Solor Team Twente. For recruiting new sponsors Solor Team Twente wanted a promotional video. I created this video from existing footage.
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