One of the projects during my study was to make an installation and app to promote the city of Enschede. We worked in a team of 5 people. With our app you had to solve a mystery, you could find clues by entering Virtual Reality environments. 
For this project I focused on making the VR-environments. I created three locations where you can look around with a Google Cardboard. 
I made all the objects myself and added textures, lights and sound. The modeling and (most part of) the texturing I did with Autodesk Maya, for the lightning I used Unity. 
The first location is a house from the 19th century. The second location is a archive that is on fire because of a huge city fire. The last location is the laboratory of a professor.
At the end of the project I made a promotional video to get people to our installation. Because we also had to work on making the installation itself, and there was very little time, I had only one day to film and edit the video. So I had to keep it short and simple.
This is a short animation I created which would play at the installation when someone threw in a coin. 
Some more details of the 3D-models
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